Alex’s Piano Services

“Music is my life.”

Alex did his apprenticeship under the guidance of a great piano engineer, piano tuner & master technician — Jochen Guldner, from Hamburg. As his student, Alex inherited the traditions of piano masters of older generations who lived in Germany making beautiful quality pianos with an amazing sound.

“It has become my passion to restore quality old pianos, which have been forgotten for many years, not being tuned and hiding an unbelievable quality sound which can easily compete with the sound of modern quality pianos. The sound is just different and that’s why they are quite unique.”

Alex has worked in the professional piano industry for over 10 years, tuning and restoring uprights and grand pianos in New Zealand. Being a very talented young specialist, he has been invited to work on a number of piano restoration projects and to tune stage grand pianos for big concerts.

“A piano should produce a beautiful clear sound as the final result of piano tuning. This sounds quite a simple thing, but at the same time requires many years of practice to be able to tune professionally, as it is a subtle and time-consuming process. A number of highly experienced specialists whom I know, have said to me that even after 50 years of tuning and restoring pianos they still keep learning to do this better and better. Having an honest attitude to what I do, I would like to say that I will always remain a student of my Master who helped me to get to such a professional level. I will always be grateful to him.”

Also, Alex Lovets has worked on recording quality piano samples for the True Pianos project with George Yohng. George is the creator of True Pianos and is Senior Developer at Vienna Symphonic Library – a famous Austrian company which makes music software.

“It is a big responsibility to participate in such projects as this, knowing that the sound of your personally tuned and restored pianos can be used by many thousands of different musicians around the world who use VST instruments in professional audio recording studios.”

“Working on pianos for a number of years, I believe that every piano has a spirit. Tuning and restoring pianos is a sacred action for me — to wake this up – to let it sound harmonious again after being so upset for many years. When a good job has been done, the desired result is achieved. The sound becomes very beautiful again and playing such a piano is something very special. The melody comes naturally itself. This is a kind of magic. It feels as if the piano starts speaking to your heart and you can play it for hours, forgetting the existence of time.”