Piano Tuning

Upright Kawai KX-21

Kawai piano – after tuning and regulation

This is a famous model of Kawai around the world and especially here, in New Zealand. It used to sound too loud when we got it years ago. For that reason, I couldn’t enjoy playing it more than a few minutes. A very loud, bright sound is a feature of this particular model, when it comes to the shops from the manufacturer. Too much volume can be a real problem if you have this piano in a small room. That’s why, in my opinion, this model suits a big stage better, rather than a small room. Nevertheless, it is possible to redesign the sound to make the piano tone much more mellow and pleasant.

After a thorough service, which included total regulation of the action, voicing, and a number of tuning sessions, it became possible for us to play this piano for hours and hours. It’s a relief for my sensitive ears!

Please, do not judge me on the lack of professionalism in my piano performance, because I’m not a concert pianist. I am a composer. This is my live improvisation.

These music compositions are my originals. I usually play with the flow – what I hear and what I feel in my heart at the moment – all these I sublimate into the music.

Piano Repairs

Carl Henschel

Carl Henschel ( AFTER French Polished )

Mini piano

Mini piano AFTER refinished ( lacquer )

Bohm Upright

Bohm Upright ( AFTER Refinished with Danish Oil )