We are based in Christchurch, New Zealand, and do upright and grand tuning and restoration in New Zealand, Australia and Europe. We often receive inquiries about rates for piano tuning, and it is difficult to be certain without seeing the piano first. Please contact us for a quote for your area of New Zealand.


A tuning job on a really neglected piano takes a number of extra hours and the price is to be negotiated after examining your piano.


There is no standard price for piano restoration. It depends on the condition of the instrument, how many hours are involved, and what materials and piano parts have to be replaced during the restoration. It is important to see the piano first to clarify what is required.

General Services

  • Improvement of piano tone and key touch
  • Voicing, hammer reshaping and full regulation of upright and grand piano actions
  • Replacement of tuning pins
  • Re-stringing
  • Refinishing